Rutgers Guest Request System

Rutgers Guest Role/NetID Policy

Guest Roles/NetIDs may be granted to individuals seeking access to Rutgers University resources who are not directly affiliated with the University. Guest Roles/NetIDs will have limited access to certain online applications and services of the university. The amount of access is determined by the particular applications and services.

Sponsoring a Guest Role/NetID

In order to apply for a Guest Role/NetID, an individual needs to be sponsored by an active Rutgers faculty or staff member.

Sponsor responsibilities

Sponsors are responsible for having a legitimate reason for requesting a Guest Role/NetID for a guest and for requesting Guest Role/NetID removal upon end of their guest’s assignment. Sponsors may be contacted by the University security offices should their sponsored Guest Roles/NetIDs be involved in inappropriate use.

Guest Role/NetID holder responsibilities

Individuals receiving a Guest Role/NetID are responsible for complying with Rutgers’ policies as well as applicable laws and regulations. Should a person with a Guest Role/NetID violate Rutgers policies or applicable laws, they will have their Guest Role/NetID terminated.

Revocation of Guest Roles/NetIDs

A Guest Role/NetID's access is subject to revocation at any time. If a Guest Role/NetID is revoked, it will be disabled immediately.

Guest Role/NetID lifecycle

By default, Rutgers Guest Roles/NetIDs will be given access for a period of 18 months, after which the sponsor may renew the access. If preferred, the sponsor can request shorter periods of access but never longer periods. Sponsors are encouraged to set the duration times for the shortest time possible, with the understanding that Guest Roles/NetIDs may be renewed if continued access is needed. Sponsors and guests will be notified 30 days by email prior to the sponsorship expiration date for renewal confirmation. Guest Role/NetID access will be disabled on the Guest Role/NetID's expiration date if the sponsor takes no action.