Rutgers Guest Request System

I need to provide my department's name to my Guest , how do I know what is the official name of my department?

You can look yourself up in the Rutgers online directory at which presents the official department names from the Human Resources system. Your department is listed under the Postal Address section in the online directory .

I am not listed as a designated sponsor for my department in the Guest Request system's online form. What do I need to do?

You can provide your guest with your department's name and your official Rutgers email address. Your guest should be able to continue to submit their request with this information. Your guest will need to select 'Others' before entering your email address. You will be able to provide your approval.

How do I become a designated sponsor for my department?

If your name is not listed in the designated sponsor list for your department, please follow the instruction for Request for Designated Sponsor .

When and how do I get notified about a new Guest request requiring my approval?

As soon as the Guest submits a guest request, you will receive an email using your Rutgers' official email address in the online directory. The email will provide you a link to provide your approval.

I provided my approval , what is next?

After you provide your approval, the guest request will be processed by the designated Guest Admin for your department or by the Help Desk. You and your Guest will receive an email as soon as the request is processed. Your Guest will need to activate their NetID per the instruction provided to them in the email.

Why does the request need to go through the Guest Admin for processing?

To prevent Identity collision, it is important that new Guest Requests are reviewed by the Guest Admins who match the information against existing identities.

Can I track the status of the request that I will need to approve?

Yes, you will be able to track any pending requests and their status using the Guest Request system's Track Requests

Can I fill out the Request on behalf of the Guest?

Yes, you may do so.

Do I receive notification upon approaching Guests expirations ?

Yes, you will continue to receive Guests expiration notification emails 30 days prior to the actual expiration date.

I always receive Guests expiration notification emails, what is new this time?

In addition to receiving the guest expiration notification emails, now, as a sponsor, you can provide your approval/disapproval to extend your guests' roles without the need to contact the department's Guest Admin.