Rutgers Guest Request System

What is a Guest Admin?

A guest admin is a member of a department who is authorized to process guest requests. The Guest Admin processes requests for their department, after sponsor approval of the guest request. Processing will include reviewing the information entered by the guest, reading any notes added by the guest or sponsor, checking matches found in the system with the same personal information , your OK then creates a guest role and netid. Emails will then be sent to the guest, sponsor and you (as admin).

What do I need to do to become a Guest Admin for my department ?

You should submit a request Request for Guest Admin Request for Guest Admin .

I was previously a Guest Admin in my department - will I continue to be able to process requests ?

Yes, if you have been processing guest requests, you should receive emails regarding waiting requests and should be able to claim and process requests.

How will I be notified that a guest request is waiting?

You will receive an email at your official Rutgers Email address with the request number and name of the guest and the approving sponsor. The email will ask you to login and process the waiting request. You may either follow the link in the email or log into the IDMPerson Registry and select Search Pending Request, enter the Request number and claim and process the request.

How do I check to see if this person is already in the database?

When you process the request, the first step will be to click process , the system will present you with people already in the registry with similiar personal information. You may add a role to an existing person you are sure is the same or ADD a new person.

What if I am not available to process requests ?

There may be more than one guest admin for your department. Any department Guest Admin can process a request for your department. If your department needs another Guest Admin, you should submit a request Request for Guest Admin

What is different or new with the new request system ?

You will no longer need to enter manually enter data for the guest from a paper form , the guest will enter the data eliminating the likelihood of typos. All renewals will be handled by the sponsors.

How can I track the status of the requests submitted for my Department ?

You can select View / Status Reporting on the PersonIDM Registry and may view All Requests, Outstanding Requests or Completed Requests . You may find requests by Request ID, Sponsor NetID or Organizational Unit. These may be exported to an Excel spread sheet for tracking.

Can I process requests outside of my department ?

You may become an administrator for departments other than your own. You should submit a request Request for Guest Admin

What emails will I receive as the Admin ?

You will receive an email at your official Rutgers email address when a request is waiting for processing and when a request has been completed.

Can I correct information submitted by a guest ?

Yes, you will be able to update the typos such as misspelled names, emails and date of birth. There is a note field that can be used by the sponsor to request updates.

Do I need to process Guest Expirations?

You will no longer need to process Guest expirations. These will be renewed the appropriate sponsor.