Rutgers Guest Request System

Guest Request System:

Guest Request System is an enterprise self-service tool that enables a guest to submit their request(s) to obtain a digital identity at Rutgers University. The request will be submitted for approval to the appropriate sponsor. Once the request is approved, the departments' guest administrators process the request and the guest is notified with instructions to obtain and activate their digital identifier called a NetID.


  • Guests: Guests are individuals who are not directly affiliated with Rutgers University as staff, faculty or students. Guests include, but not limited to, visiting scholars, visiting staff, visiting faculty, contractors, vendor, volunteers, etc.

  • Guests' Sponsors: Guests must have an eligible Sponsor to approve their request. The Sponsor will be responsible for having a legitimate reason for requesting a Guest Role/NetID for a guest and are responsible for requesting the expiration of the Guest Role/NetID upon end of their guest's assignment.

  • Digital Identity(NetID): Upon processing the request, a Guest Role is established and the Guest is provided with instructions to activate (establish a password) for their assigned NetID to use to authenticate to the authorized Rutgers services.

  • Services: Guests will have limited access to certain online resources of the University. The type of access and resource is determined by the particular applications and services owners. Guests needs to contact their sponsor to determine the appropriate services they need to access. RBHS Guests automatically get Portal, Core and Moodle.
    Some example of services are:
    Id Card
    RU Wireless
    Scarlet Mail
    RBHS Services

  • Guests Policy Rutgers Guest Role/NetID Policy