Rutgers Guest Request System

Why do I need a NetID?

All faculty, staff, students and guests are assigned a Rutgers unique identifier known as a NetID, comprised of initials and a unique number (e.g. jqs23). In order to access many of the electronic services available to you at Rutgers, you need to activate your Rutgers NetID. Your assigned NetID will be given to you by email.

Why do I need a sponsor?

In order to apply for a Guest Role/NetID, an individual needs to be sponsored by an active Rutgers faculty or staff member. Sponsors will be responsible for approving requests to provide a valid digital identity and access to services.

I know who my sponsor is, how do I know my sponsor's email ?

Please look up your sponsor's information in the Rutgers Online Directory at . Your sponsor's email should be listed. Your sponsor's department will be listed under Postal Address.

I know what department I am going to be associated with, how do I know who my sponsor is?

In the Guest's request system's online form, choose Departments. From the drop down menu, select the department you will be associated with. A list of designated sponsors will be displayed for that department. Choose one of the sponsors. Please note that this sponsor will be responsible for approving your request. It is a good idea to reach out to your sponsor before submitting your request. You can always search their contact information using the Rutgers online directory at . Also, see the next question and answer.

I do not see my sponsor listed in the Sponsor drop down menu, what do I do?

In this case, you will need to provide your sponsor's email address. Please use the Rutgers online directory at .

How long is my Guest role valid for?

Please see The Rutgers Guest Role/NetID Policy - Guest Role/NetID Lifecycle

I am a returning Guest. I had a guest role that has expired . Do I need to use the same Guest Request System form ?

Yes, you will need to use the same Guest Request System's online request form. If you know your Rutgers' NetID , please provide this information in the form, it will help to expedite your request.

I am a guest candidate for an RBHS department. What campus should I select on the guest form ?

All RBHS guests must select "RBHS" from the drop down menu as the campus. Anything else will allow you to select an RBHS department, but it will also allow you to select a non-RBHS department, which will prevent you from having accounts automatically provisioned for you (RBHS portal, LAN and other resources) .

How do I activate my NetID ?

Upon processing your request, you will receive an email which will instruct you how to activate your NetID. You will need to provide the same identifiable information you entered in the request in order to activate your NetID.

I did not provide my Social Security Number in the original request. What do I need to use in place of this number for NetID Activation ?

A pseudo SSN will be created for you by the Guest Request system. The Guest Admin will communicate this information to you. Please follow up with your sponsor if you do not receive this information.